Much more than a simple pension, Dogy Walker offers you a complete formula for the supervision of your animals. We consider each case as its own and take into account the specificities related to the treatment of each animal. The well-being of your companions is a priority for our kennel.
Classic Pension
Home visit and care
Classic Pension

Dog boarding

Short and long stay

I offer you a service seven days a week. I offer your four-legged friend a great time of fun. If necessary, I also give him the benefit of my dog training skills.

Dog boarding included 2 walks in the forest or in the fields

PRICE: from 30 euros / calendar day

Only for the day

Home visit and care


Keep ? Not only !

In addition to keeping them company, we can also take the direction of the Bois de la Cambre or that of the fields on the side of Rhode-Saint-Genèse and its surroundings. Unless you have a beautiful park near your home? In packs or individual walks, it will be fun guaranteed.

Quality and trustworthy service, seven days a week

Want your companion to let off steam in the fresh air in the company of other dogs? Or do you just want to go on a weekend, vacation or business trip? But above all without traumatizing your hairball? We take care of her!

Our slogan

"Take care of him and give him pleasure in his walk, in all weathers."

Dog boarding included 2 walks in the forest or in the fields

PRICE: from 25 euros


Not easy to leave them alone?

All year round, your cat and little animals bring you a lot of happiness. It's always heartbreaking to have to leave it behind when you are away. I offer you my Cat Sitting services in Waterloo, Lasne and its surroundings. You can count on us to pamper your little companions.

Daily care

Do not want to disrupt the daily habits of your cat, rodents and new pets? On your request, I will come to your home once a day to provide them with hugs, love, games. I will also ensure the well-being of your little companions, without forgetting to maintain bowls (water, food, ...) and litter.

Pension with visit to the client's home, travel and care included

PRICE: from 18 euros

Pension contract

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Pension contract