Some animals are more difficult than others and sometimes require regular work on the right habits to adopt. Long-term dog training is important, but lack of time can make it difficult to focus fully on educating our beloved companion. Dogy Walker offers you to teach him the solid bases of training during dynamic walks and targeted on dog training, as well as to guide you on the right gestures to adopt to validate this training.

Two birds with one stone ?

In addition to allowing your animal to let off steam during unforgettable walks, we will work on targeted exercises according to the objectives linked to your expectations, determined together.

In certain cases, we will offer you the use of training collars intended to support his learning and to stimulate him thanks to calibrated auditory signals.

My experience as a behaviorist supported by the effectiveness of these collars often gives us surprising results.

Need him to develop good habits?

There is a knowledge and techniques to work on daily in order to facilitate the understanding of your expectations towards your animal. Dogy Walker invites you to learn together how to set them up as well as to do regular work with your animals.


The basics of dressage

Example: aggression disorders, recall, barking, anxiety, marching, ...

Education session from 1h to 1h30
Price: 60 euros

Pack socialization

Behavioral education, walking and exercises
Price: 60 euros