How can I stop my dog from barking?

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Understand why my dog is barking

Before preventing a dog from barking, it is still necessary to understand why it acts thus and to identify what pushes it to adopt this behavior which can, I grant you, be a bit annoying.

To understand, you have to ask yourself three simple questions :

  • Is it punctual or untimely?
  • Is my dog spending enough?
  • What are the triggers?

At the end of this questioning, the result is clear:

  • Either your dog barks from time to time, this is quite normal since it is a means of communication (among others) for him,
  • Either it is excessive in which case, it hides a discomfort (anxiety, frustration, demand for attention, etc.),
  • Either your dog is bored, is not sufficiently stimulated and then uses the barking to externalize and let off steam from his excess energy,
  • Either your dog has a very (too) marked guard instinct and / or a very strong reactivity (in particular due to a lack of socialization) and barks at the slightest noise that he considers suspicious.