From dream to reality

It was in a small office where I spent all my day analyzing tedious files for the European institutions that I found myself dreaming. After realizing how much I loved taking care of all kinds of animals, taking them for walks in the forest, educating them and simply being in their presence, I had the idea of proposing to owners (strong busy) to take care of their animals when they were not able to manage them.

I started out as a simple volunteer by providing services to my circle of friends, then trained with a friend trainer to learn the technical side of the job. This learning allowed me to understand the fundamentals of the activity of "Dog Sitter", "Dog Walker" and Canine educator.

These ten years of activity have given me the time to perfect my service in order to be present for your pets with the greatest attention. Much more than a job, their supervision is a passion for me and I will do everything possible to stimulate their development.


"Vigo and Liva were regularly hosted at Dogy Walker's boarding house, when they were unable to accompany their family on vacation. It's reassuring and it's always going well. Viggo needs medicine every day and the boarding house. takes care of it conscientiously. 

Dogy Walker took care of the daily V&L forest walk. In addition to being a great help, they helped socialize my dogs. I highly recommend Dogy Walker. "
Viggo & Liva
Expatriates living in Brussels from Denmark.
"We highly recommend him, he helped us out at very short notice and our dog audrey was always happy to go out with him and was always well exercised when she came back. 

Excellent and thank you! "
Expatriate living in Brussels from United-Kingdom
"Dear Momo, Thank you for all the wonderfull walks and sleep overs we've shared with you over the years. We are really going to miss running in the forest with you and all our doggie friends. We will be thinking of you and all our wonderful times together as we are panting in the heat of Dubai. 

We will miss you! "
Maverick & Kali
Expatriates living in Brussels from United-States of America
"Hej Dogy Walker Momo, Det var skønt at være på ferie hos jer mens vores forældre var i Japan! Anata no koto ga dai suki desu yo. Knus fra Daisy og Fuji"
Daisy & Fuji
Expatriates living in Brussels from Denmark